AMP Based Story Generator


Features you love

No Effort

Desired contents are generated automatically into amp stories flowlessly.

SEO Friendly

AMP Stories contains AMP components which are recognized by the search engines. Eventually, generated amp stories are shown in the Google search results.

Fully Customizable

Publisher's can create their own harmony on story widgets in order to appear uniquely.

Best Format To Interact

STORYIM provides content publishers with a mobile-focused format for delivering news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories. Therefore offers a robust set of advertising opportunities for advertisers and publishers to reach a unique audience on the web with immersive experiences.

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STORYIM provides seamless benefits by increasing user engagement with the best format.

Lets publishers to qualify their active inventory by generating their contents in to attractive stories with the most user-friendly way. It serves a new storytelling experience while building additional profit.


Engage interested users with the highest viewability

Stories are a full-screen tappable experience that immerses readers in the content. Advertising with STORYIM ads allows for seamless and disruption-free integration into the user’s journey, keeping them engaged and delighted by the platform.

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Ever-Green Contents

AMP-Stories will be indexed by Google in the coming period and will be directly included in the search results. Of course, when Stories begin to appear in search results, they will be included in the algorithm with a higher scoring, such as AMP pages. As a result of this, the SEO side will become stronger thanks to the Ever-Green Stories and traffic will increase accordingly.
Ever-Green Stories describe content with multiple Story pages and are automatically generated by STORYIM with the help of predefined templates. Ever-green stories will be created continuously without any extra effort with the help of an xml feed that you should provide.

  • 1
    Set Your RSS Feed

    Firstly, modify the RSS Feed simply following the STORYIM documentation

  • 2
    Implement The Widget

    Put your STORYIM code snippet into your website header section.

  • 3
    Go Live!

    Start engaging with your users with best format


Easy Report Integration

STORYIM technology works seamlessly with any analytics tools.
Herewith publishers can track story statistics in depth.


Select From 30+ Interactive Story Templates

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